About me

Welcome! My name is Fábris Kossoski. I do research in Theoretical Chemistry and
Molecular Physics, at the Laboratoire de Chimie et Physique Quantiques, in Toulouse, France.

I develop state-of-the-art theoretical methods and computational software to model molecular systems and their interactions with free electrons and photons. My effort covers three fronts: electronic structure, nonadiabatic dynamics and electron scattering methodologies.

In collaboration with Pierre-François Loos, we seek novel electronic structure methods, with a particular focus on molecular excited states. I am also interested in simulating electron-induced chemistry, photoinduced chemistry and photoabsorption with mixed quantum-classical dynamics simulations. Finally, I am one of the main developers of the Schwinger multichannel method, an ab-initio formulation to investigate electron scattering from molecules.

In addition to developing, I am also interested in applications. I apply these theoretical and computational tools to tackle problems of chemical relevance. In particular, I simulate how free electrons can break molecules apart. This is a fundamental physical-chemical process, playing major roles in many natural and man-made environments. I also work in close collaboration with several experimental groups on various aspects of the electron-molecule collision.